building local partnership for a stronger future

Through its investments in Thailand suppliers and contractors, Chevron helps foster local economic development and builds local supplier capacity to meet our business needs around the world. Chevron is committed to providing full, fair and reasonable opportunity for Thailand industry to supply goods and services and works hard to ensure that opportunities for local suppliers and contractors are realized

More than 50 percent of the work in the Gulf of Thailand was executed by Thailand-based companies. The contracts provided significant investment in businesses and supported several hundred jobs across Thailand.

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When sourcing high-quality goods and services, we value companies with the following qualities 

  • Excellent safety record 
  • Cost efficiency
  • Financial viability 
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Customer focus
  • Innovative business solutions
Contractor Health Environment and Safety Management (CHESM) 

Working together, contractors and company employees can achieve the culture necessary to reach world-class Operational Excellence.

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