press release Chevron’s Topside Reuse Technique Wins SPE Award for Innovation in Exploration & Production 2019

SPE Awards 2019

Ronald Tay (left), Section Chairman of SPE Thailand Section, presented the SPE Thailand E&P Awards 2019 to Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Limited, represented by Kowit Samingkaew (2nd left), team lead of Asset Retirement – Inventory & Planning, at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok

Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Ltd. recently won the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Thailand Exploration and Production (E&P) Award 2019. The award highlighted Chevron’s leadership in energy exploration in the Gulf of Thailand owing to its skilled workforce, innovative technologies, and world-class safety and environmental standards.

A Chevron petroleum engineer team was granted an outstanding award from the “The Journey of Step Change in CTEP Well Factory” project which enhanced the effectiveness of petroleum production in the Gulf of Thailand that is known for complex geological conditions. For this project, the engineers developed a new technique in reusing the wellhead platform topsides, reducing installation costs of the new production platform. Similar techniques can also be applied to other petroleum production sites to maintain the production level, ensuring consistent supply of energy for Thailand. This technique emphasizes on the ‘reuse’ of equipment to maximize the value of existing resources, in alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Additionally, another team from Chevron Thailand was awarded with Health, Safety, and Environment Honorable Award (HSE Honorable Award) from “Tantawan Sludge Management Project – Holistic Approach Introducing New Practices.” This year, Chevron Thailand received two distinguished awards from a total of 17 submissions.
Pairoj Kaweeyanun, president of Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd., said, “Chevron is proud to be a member of the Thailand Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, which plays an important role in cultivating homegrown talent for Thailand’s petroleum industry. This includes enhancing collaboration between members through knowledge exchange, encouraging real-life applications, providing scholarships, and organizing skill development programs as well as hosting the competition. This competition  also aligned with Chevron’s commitment in developing ‘human energy’ and equipping them with knowledge and skills in the petroleum industry in order to support our mission to supply energy with our systematic approach to safety and environmental stewardship. At the same time, the competition also highlighted our deep commitment to develop and adopt innovative technologies to enhance our operations. 

“Chevron is honored to receive these awards and would like to congratulate the teams and our staffs who work tirelessly to safely source energy for our country and continuously develop technologies, innovation, and operational standards to strengthen and ensure the sustainability of our petroleum exploration and production business in Thailand.

SPE Awards 2019

Pairoj Kaweeyanun (6th left, top row), president of Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd., together with executives and staffs, took two major awards, SPE Thailand E&P Awards 2019 and HSE Honorable Award from the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Thailand Section.