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Caltex station

Chevron (Thailand) Limited (CTL), formerly Caltex Oil (Thailand) Limited, is a subsidiary wholly owned by Chevron Corporation. Established in 1948, Chevron (Thailand) Limited has been serving retail and commercial customers in Thailand for more than 70 years under the Caltex® brand. It distributes a wide range of fuels, including premium and regular diesel, gasohol, unleaded gasoline, commercial and industrial fuels, and aviation fuel. Through our Caltex stations and distributors, we also market an extensive range of quality lubricant products including Havoline® and Delo®.

Under the Caltex brand, CTL operates a network of more than 400 service stations throughout Thailand. The commercial and industrial unit supplies over 200 wholesalers in commercial, industrial, automobile and marine sectors. It also exports fuel to other neighboring countries. Our Card Marketing unit supplies a fleet card (StarCard) which facilitates fleet operators and provides them with greater convenience, safety, and more efficient cost control in fueling. Apart from fuels, CTL also offers customers with asphalt products. The lubricants supply chain in Thailand is one of Chevron’s seven production and export hubs for lubricating oil and grease, selling products under the Caltex brand to more than 20 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. In addition, CTL is one of Thailand’s leading suppliers of aviation fuel. CTL supplies aviation fuel at Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang International Airports to Thai Airways International and many other international airlines through Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company (BAFS), an aircraft fueling service provider.

While the company’s Thailand headquarter is located in Bangkok, CTL also operates two joint operation terminals located in the southern part of Thailand in Surat Thani and Songkhla provinces.