international products – Thailand

City skyline with labels for Caltex: Havoline, Caltex: Delo, Caltex: Techron

Chevron (Thailand) Limited (CTL), formerly Caltex Oil (Thailand) Limited, is a subsidiary wholly owned by Chevron Corporation. Established in 1948, Chevron (Thailand) Limited has been serving retail and commercial customers in Thailand in the area of fuels and lubricants for more than 70 years under the Caltex® brand.

Chevron (Thailand) Limited markets and distributes an extensive range of quality lubricant products including Havoline® and Delo® to serve the needs of our commercial, consumer and industrial customers. Using our years of experience and expertise in developing premium lubricant products for a range of industries, our Caltex Business Solutions program provides customers with the technical and commercial advice they need to accelerate their business advantage, lower costs and achieve world-class business performance.

The lubricants supply chain in Thailand is one of Chevron’s seven production and export hubs for lubricating oil and grease, selling products under the Caltex brand to more than 20 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.

In the beginning of 2024, the sale of CTL’s fuel marketing business in Thailand to Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited was completed. Now, the Caltex fuels marketing business in Thailand continues its operations under the ownership of Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited which holds an exclusive license for Caltex® fuels in Thailand. To learn more about Caltex fuels stations and fuels marketing, please visit