exploration and production

Platong field

Chevron is a global energy company that has played a leading role in pioneering and developing the Thai exploration and production industry for over 59 years. We introduced technologies suitable for the complex geology of Thailand, and laid the early foundations for the nation’s E&P industry by developing the knowledge and skills of the Thai workforce.

Chevron produces natural gas, condensate and crude oil for Thailand. All the natural gas we produce is sold to PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), the national oil company of Thailand. Satisfying more than one-third of the country’s total gas demand, the natural gas we produce is primarily used to generate electricity. The remainder is used for industrial fuel, transportation fuel, cooking gas and petrochemical feedstock. The gas is transported via PTT's subsea pipelines to PTT’s gas separation plants in Rayong and Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd. has operated in Thailand through affiliated companies including, Chevron Pattani Limited, Chevron Offshore (Thailand) Limited, Chevron Petroleum (Thailand) Limited and Chevron Thailand Holdings Limited. Our head office is located in Bangkok and we also have offices in Songkhla, Chon Buri and Nakhon Si Thammarat. We have approximately 1,400 employees (99% are Thai) and 880 contractors.

36 years of erawan

36 years of erawan

“Erawan”, Thailand’s first commercial natural gas field, has powered the kingdom's electricity generation, improving lives across the country and driving industrial and economic growth. Chevron is proud to be part of the country’s economic success, and to contribute to its future.