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Unleash Your Inner Maker at Maker Faire Bangkok 2019

Chevron Maker Faire Bangkok 2019 Press Briefing
Bangkok – 14 December 2018 – Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd.  together with the Ministry of Science and Technology’s National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and Thailand Maker Community, expanded on the success of previous Maker Faires by launching the largest exhibition of inventions and innovations Maker Faire Bangkok 2019: WE ARE ALL MAKERS”. The fair aims to empower youngsters and the general public to turn their creativity and ideas into real-life inventions and to help shape Thailand into a Maker Nation, driven by budding technological prowess, creativity and innovation, in alignment with the Thailand 4.0 vision. Assembling veteran local and international makers, Maker Faire Bangkok 2019 brings together over 70 booths of the best works and inspiring workshops that will bring out the maker in all fair visitors. The fair, which take place during January 19-20, 2019 in front of the Street Ratchada, is open to the public and the admission is free.
Kullprapa Navanugraha, Vice President, the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), said “Makers or innovators play a key role in taking Thailand towards the 4.0 era, unlocking creativity, innovation and sustainability. NSTDA has partnered with Chevron to host activities to raise awareness of the maker culture in Thailand, including 4 consecutive years of co-hosting Maker Faires and the Enjoy Science Young Makers Contest. Our goal is to promote the maker culture among the youths in Thailand, strengthening the movement and shifting the country towards becoming a Maker Nation. This part of the Thailand 4.0 policy will drive the country’s economic growth with technology.
Artit Krichphiphat, Business Support general manager, Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd., said “Chevron Thailand believes that ‘the power of human energy’ will sustainably power economic and social progress and through our continued support to improve Thailand’s education, particularly formal and informal STEM education, we are strengthening the country’s foundation. Supporting the maker culture in Thailand in the forms of Maker Faire Bangkok and Enjoy Science Young Makers Contest is part of the Chevron Enjoy Science project, that sets out to inspire young people to become interested in the maker culture. Anyone can be a maker with the right mindset and enough imagination. These ideas can be turned into future innovations that can change the face of our country. Following the last three Maker Faires, the growing number of youngsters and members of the public interested in the maker culture is widely noted. Over 10,000 people visited Maker Faire Bangkok 2018, 77 percent of which were first-time visitors and over 97 percent are interested to visit again. These figures show the growing popularity of the maker movement and its potential to thrive in Thailand. Chevron, NSTDA and partners organize Maker Faire Bangkok 2019 to introduce the maker culture to an even wider audience, with real-life makers mentoring and inspiring the public to create and innovate. In addition, the fair fully supports the Science Ministry’s STEM policy by encouraging students to pursue STEM education and careers in the future.”
Tanapon Kitmuti, computer engineer and AI Maker spoke of the rise of maker culture in Thailand, saying “from my experience attending Maker Faires in many countries, despite differences in the works of makers globally, what they share is the passion for the maker culture that developed from a childhood interest. In other countries, young makers are very enthusiastic to seek out and build their scientific understanding, mostly outside of the classroom. With a specific subject in mind, they are inspired to develop their ideas and build up on existing projects. The result manifests in the strength of the maker culture that starts from the root. I believe that if adequate support from the public and private sector is given to Thai youths, which include a platform to share and exchange their ideas or showcases and competitions, the maker movement in the country can take hold, grow and move Thailand forward as a Maker Nation, on par with other countries.”
Nimit Hongyim, craft maker and a veteran in America’s maker community for 14 years, commented on the growth of maker culture in other countries, saying “In developed countries such as the US, the maker culture is cultivated gradually through the educational system. Children start from attempting simple DIY creations and grow into creating multi-task tools. These young makers realize very early that their works are not restricted within the usual tech and electronics field. Makers’ inventions can range from agri products to highly artistic projects. The system allowed for lifelong learning and the opportunity for makers to discover their identity, their preferences as well as their career paths. Coupled with the makers’ vibrant personality and enthusiasm to showcase their works at different contests, America’s maker culture has had a meteoric rise. The growing popularity draws in newer generations of makers that further inspire more and more people, keeping the culture alive.”
Maker Faire Bangkok 2019 WE ARE ALL MAKERS will be held during January 19-20, 2019, in front of the Street Ratchada, featuring a wide array of inventions from local and international makers. These include chic inventions from female makers, different types of hi-tech robots, homemade electric cars as well as the famed and much-awaited Electric Parade and workshops that will showcase the best of the maker culture. Prepare to be inspired and become a maker! The event also helps reduce plastic and paper waste by opting for environmentally friendly materials and using natural light at the fair. Not to be missed is the showcase of Enjoy Science: Young Makers Contest Year 3’s finalist works in the general and vocational categories. The winner will be announced at the event and the prizes will be presented.

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Chevron Maker Faire Bangkok 2019 Press Briefing
Chevron Maker Faire Bangkok 2019 Press Briefing